Preview Your Candidates With Our New Video Solution

Have you ever been taken by surprise when a candidate showed up for their interview? Often times, applicants can portray a different image on their application than they put off in person. We have developed a new hiring solution to help you get a better feel for you candidates before you take time to schedule interviews. Applicant Preview Video is our video solution that allows you to send questions to you applicants, they video their responses and you get to get a better feel for your candidates before you even meet them.


Applicant Preview Video is designed to help your company save time and money and shorten your hiring process. So much time is spent conducting in-person interviews just to find out that the candidate doesn’t meet your expectations. By adding Applicant Preview Video to your hiring process, you’ll be able to cut down on the amount of time you spend interviewing because you’ll weed out those who aren’t a good fit.

Applicant Preview Video allows you and your hiring team to analyze candidate’s work ethic and responses to make a collective decision. To get started using Applicant Preview Video or to learn more about our complete hiring practices guide, give us a call today!

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