We’ve never lost a client.

Here’s why:


We are HR people, not a software company. We’re not just selling background check data; we help our customers make the hiring process more efficient and less risky. We can and will answer the question “what now?"


We have devoted substantial resources to ensure our clients have the most recent forms required for each state based on local laws. When was the last time you updated your forms? As HR Experts, we truly are a one-stop shop!


We are a relationship business. We want our customers to call and get help when they need it. We will answer questions about the specifics of the report we have provided to you.


we provide initial as well as on-going training for all our clients to ensure you have the latest information needed to maximize the use of our services.


We pay the lawyers to keep your paperwork current so you don’t have to.

Our Easy 4-step Process

You are conducting background checks to reduce the risk of a bad hire. Our process makes it simple, fast, and cost-effective.

The scope of a background check is a cost/risk decision. Each business has unique requirements. If you know what you need, we will provide it. If you’re not sure, or want an expert opinion, we will help you build the screening profiles that complement your business goals.

We customize your dashboard with the profiles and searches that you choose. You can manually enter applicant data from hiring paperwork, or you can invite applicants to participate in a secure, paperless process. Ordering, receiving results, documenting the hiring decision, and adverse action notifications are all configurable to your HR team.

We train your staff on the process, compliance, and best practices. So often we meet capable HR people who just have never been taught the legal requirements and the mandated sequence of events that has to occur to comply with the FCRA and state and local laws. You need to be an expert, or you need to have one on call. We’ll train you before you log in, and continue to support you until you don’t need us anymore.

We are only a phone call away when you need help. Here is where the big difference comes in, in addition to your own dedicated researcher and account manager,  we provide seasoned HR experts with over 100 years cumulative experience for you to call on.  If you have questions on what to do with a report, next steps, liability issues, etc.. Our HR Experts are standing by at no additional cost.

Are you a Background Check Expert?​

Watch the 5-minute video to learn the most commonly asked questions about compliance. Then sign up for our free background check compliance webinar!  Whether you inherited a background check process that someone else set up, or you’re setting up one for the first time, you need to know the rules!

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We know you’re performing a background check to reduce risk and make the right hire for your business needs. Whether you’re looking for drug screening, criminal background checks, or driving records, we can provide you the necessary information and, more importantly, the guidance on how to use that information to make the best hire. We work across industries from the auto industry to retail, construction and so much more. Our years of experience and easy process will make you a background check expert in no time.

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