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Welcome to Driven Hire.

Your hiring partner.

Driven Hire is more than a background check company.  Anyone can sell you data.  We are HR people first, and understand what’s important to our customers.  You are conducting background checks to reduce risk of a bad hire.  We want to make that process as simple, fast, and cost effective as it can be.

But you also need a partner.  Someone to help with the process, paperwork, and policies so you don’t create compliance risk while trying to reduce the risk of hiring a bad actor.  We will help with that too, and we won’t charge you more money to do it.

Give us a call and we’ll get specific.

Modern Business.

Innovative technology and classic industry acumen blend together to bring you the ultimate resource for your team.

Comprehensive Help.

From assessment testing, to extensive background checks, to compliance and training, we are here to work for you.

Thoughtful Processes.

Years of experience and careful crafting have allowed us to perfect our system and services.

Industry Expertise.

We are seasoned HR experts who can assist you with hiring issues, customized best practices, and building your bench.

Background Checks

Talent Analytics

Simple Video

Best Practices

Don’t hesitate to contact us for

questions & inquiries.

From background checks to assessment and testing, Driven Hire is your ultimate resource for building a compatible, successful and efficient team.

Ensure that all of your future employees meet and exceed your company’s expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how Driven Hire can help you build your team by replicating success and reducing risk.

Let us know what you need.