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Get the Whole Scoop on Potential Hires

Get the Whole Scoop on Potential Hires

Looking into a potential candidate is more than just taking a peak at their resume and calling their previous employer. When considering someone for hire, it’s important to get the whole scoop on that person. By conducting thorough background checks, you’ll uncover any issues in the candidate’s past that may influence your decision to hire them.


At DrivenHire, we offer solutions to give you complete, thorough and compliant background checks on your potential hires. Background checks should include the person’s criminal history, civil records, employment and education verification, employment eligibility, verification of any certifications or licenses, drug screening and driving history.

With our background check solutions, if there’s something you need to know about in a candidate’s history, we’ll find it. Ensuring that a person is not only telling the truth on their application, but also that they have the experience, education and abilities necessary for the job is crucial to verify before they sign a contract as an employee with your company.

If you’ve made the mistake of hiring someone to later find out that they have a criminal history and it could put your business and your other employees at risk, give us a call today. Make sure that you have a complete background check on each candidate before you bring them on to your team. In addition to complete background checks, we offer a variety of hiring solutions to help you replicate the success of your top employees and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong employees. Contact us today to get started!

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