Driven Hire | Using Video to Preview Applicants
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Using Video to Preview Applicants

Using Video to Preview Applicants

Have you heard about our latest hiring solution – Applicant Preview Video? This hiring solution is designed to help you save time when it comes to the interview stage of the hiring process. Why waste time interviewing people who don’t meet your expectations?

With Applicant Preview Video, each candidate is sent a list of the same questions. They will video of themselves answering those questions using a web cam or smartphone. This tool not only allows you to see the candidate before you spend time on an in-depth interview, but it also helps you to understand how much effort each candidate is willing to put forth. You can ensure equal opportunity by asking each candidate the same questions and allowing the same time for response. These videos are also easily shared with other members of your team so that you can make a collective decision.

If you’ve ever been surprised when the real person shows up for the first interview, this solution will help! Avoid those surprises where the candidate doesn’t meet what you are expecting. To learn more about Applicant Preview Video and our other hiring solutions, give us a call today at 866-240-6618.

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